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Unlock Omni-channel, multi channel and O2O aspects, improve store efficiency, drive sales, optimize inventory levels across stores and products, enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and deliver a better shopping experience

           Today’s retail environment is the most competitive it has ever been. Online and mobile channels have created additional pressure on retailers to offer lower prices. Staying relevant in this environment and offering a seamless Omni-channel experience is more difficult than ever before, so now, more than ever, retailers need to find ways to optimize operations, maximize margins, and deliver exceptional customer service. Large scale retailers are using Penser Analytics’ solutions to spear head their Omni-channel and O2O initiatives and there deliver an unrivaled customer experience.

Optimized-Store Network Optimisation

Store Network Optimization

Just as no man is an island, no retail store sits on its own. Other stores, competitors, traffic patterns, population density and more affect the profitability of a retail store location. That’s why it’s critical to consider retail store network optimization when determining: A new retail store location, how many retail stores you can open in an existing market, where you should expand your retail store network, what stores should be closed or consolidated.

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Penser Analytics will help you discover that retail site analysis leads to a sound business site selection decision.Selecting a site for new store is not simply a question of what real estate is available. It’s an analytic challenge that requires an understanding of the customer and the market potential for a retailer at a location. We believe customer behavior and demographic profiles drive market potential, leading to the right answer about where to place a retail store – or what retail tenants to recruit for your existing location. We provide analytical solutions to help you select store, branch or other business locations that are profitable and contribute positively to your overall store or branch network.Also to further optimize your store network, you would need to understand your stores performance and gauge their true potential. This gives you a clear understanding of what stores need your concentration and which all stores need to be consolidated or closed.

Optimized-customer insight

Customer Analysis

Solving almost any sales and marketing challenge starts with knowing who your customer is. Penser Analytics can help you find out who your best customers are what to they look like, what do they purchase and how much they would be spending in their life time. Customer profiling services from Penser Analytics creates descriptive segments or groups of your customers based on the purchase pattern as well as their spend and visit patterns.

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Segmenting your customers into groups according to their needs has a number of advantages. It can help you to identify your most and least profitable customers, focus your marketing on the customers who will be most likely to buy your products. Also it enables you to build loyal relationships with customers by developing and offering them the products and services they want. It helps you improve customer service and improve products to meet customer needs to get ahead of the competition in specific parts of the market.Our solution enables you to find out the different types of customers. We also identify life time value and price sensitivity of each of these groups. You would also be able to identify the buying patterns and the life cycle of these groups.

Optimized-marketing analysis

Marketing Analysis

Marketing analytics, Internet (or Web) marketing analytics in particular, allow you to monitor campaigns and their respective outcomes, enabling you to spend each dollar as effectively as possible. Our solution enables you to achieve the 4Ps, Placing the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right point (time).

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Our solution enables you in identifying the right mix of these 4Ps (Product or Service, Place, Price, Point or time) that will impact your top line. We will enable you measure the actual impact of all your marketing activities in both looking at an ROI, as well as looking at the quality of the business generated and the possible impact on future revenues. You would also be provided with a recommendation engine to identify customers interested in your products, customers willing to make a repeat visit etc., Our solution helps you define the marketing elements for successfully positioning your market offer.

Optimized-loss prevention 1

Loss prevention

Leverage exception-based reporting and predictive analytics to monitor, detect, and take action against inventory loss from fraud, employee error, and theft.For retailers, the combined cost associated with shrinkage, theft, and fraud can be substantial. That’s why loss prevention (LP) is a key bottom line issue for all retail organizations.

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Leveraging exception-based reporting and predictive analytics, our loss prevention solutions let loss prevention managers quickly analyze historical data to uncover trends in employee fraud or identify administrative errors, such as discounted transactions, penny sales, or after hour refunds. By analyzing transaction, inventory data and identifying the abnormalities, loss prevention managers can spot abnormalities, take immediate action, and significantly cut down on losses associated with inventory shrinkage.

Optimized-merchandising 2

Merchandising Analytics

When it comes to running a retail business, one of the most important factors is to make sense of your product range. How much are you selling and where? How much should be in stock at one time? How is your pricing model impacting store sales? How do your products perform at certain times of the year? These questions are integral to your success as a retail organization and make it possible for you to do perhaps the most importance piece in the retail value chain: plan for the future.

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With new channels available to customers for information and commerce, it is no longer enough to just market to customers with the right messages. Retailers need merchandising analytics to ensure that they have the right product available at the right place at the right time. Our solution empowers retail buyers and planners to blend all the relevant data and use advanced analytics so that they can align their merchandising decisions with customer expectations.Use merchandising analytics from Penser Analytics for accurate demand forecasting, assortment planning, improving space allocation and promotional planningWe enable you to optimize assortments to available space to maximize planogram performance, return-on-space, sales, revenue and profits, while improving customer satisfaction with the optimal assortment for each store. Identify actionable merchandising opportunities across touch points, including backorder and returns, top/bottom seller, demand/fulfillment, and price and promotion analysis.

Optimized-personal shopper

Personal Shopping assistant

Treat every customer like rock star with delivery of personalized offers to their smartphone. We can connect with various IOT/ beacon solutions to identify a customer and trigger the delivery of personalized offers to their smartphone as they enter the store. On enabling your store employees with our personal shopping assistant solution, they can identify the customer and help them as a ‘nanny’ and cross-sell/up-sell based on our recommendation engine, that is driven both by factual (demographic) and predicted behavior

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Treat your customers like rock stars when they enter your store. Our solution can provide personalized shopping experiences by leveraging beacons to instantly determine the identity, location, and loyalty status of a customer the moment they arrive in a store. Customized messages and offers can be sent to their smartphones as they move throughout the store, providing them with a tailored shopping experience. These customized messages would be coming from a recommendation engine.


Store Operations

To extract the maximum benefit from analytics, we need to empower every one in your organization with analytics. With our solution, you can empower store managers to make better, faster decisions with apps that provide instant access to vital sales, inventory, and store performance data. Visualize store activity and resource usage data in order to take informed product placement decisions, fine-tune store operations, and drive revenue growth.

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Our store operations solution enables managers to quickly access vital sales and inventory information, analyze buying trends, evaluate the success of promotions, view associate and customer information, and benchmark their store performance against peers. This would work as one-stop solution for all of their information needs, empowering them to make better decisions and take immediate action as they walk the sales floor. They can also proactively cross-sell and up-sell to a customer based on the factual and predictive info about each customer, waiting to be accessed at their finger tips.Our solution lets store managers optimize store operations with tools to monitor and analyze patterns of customer activity, store traffic, and inventory exposure. We map resource activity using a variety of heat maps, reports and other visualizations. Using this information, managers can improve product placements throughout the store, improve marketing, manage inventory and staffing, and fine-tune operations based on key performance metrics.


e-Commerce Solution

Our solution is cloud based that empowers you with real-time insights on every e-Commerce process to manage inventory and demand, increase sales and profitability and create a fantastic customer experience. We enable you to create targeted, personalized campaigns to attract, convert, up-sell, cross-sell and reward loyalty. Track the products that are attracting more ‘eye-balls’ and accordingly plan the layout.

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With our solution e-Commerce Analytics, you can understand your customer’s behavior across traditional and digital channels to generate real-time recommendations that target each customer with the best possible offer. Match the profile and purchase pattern of the one-time shoppers with your best shoppers to determine which of them will become loyal shoppers in future. Target them with personalized and optimized offers to inspire a repeat purchase. Cross-sell and up-sell promotions based on brand and category adoption propensities to increase basket size. Identify the right price for each customer to increase the propensity of a purchase. Optimize your supply chain/ order fulfillment services by identifying the bottlenecks for shipping delays and also ensure better customer satisfaction. We also identify the actual impact of PPC, and help you identify the best channels to attract loyal customers, reduce bounce rates and improve click-through by understanding customer behavior. With our social media solution, you can track the customer engagement after the purchase to deliver a better experience to your customers.

Optimized-imno channel

Omni Channel Solution & O2O

Omni-channel is one of the most discussed (and debated) topics in the retail industry. The proliferation of shopping channels at most retailers has created a need for visibility across the organization that is fundamentally different from the traditional brick-and-mortar business with an e-commerce presence.

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Our Omni-channel solution enables you to analyze the customer data from a wider range of sources than ever before. You can access and analyze POS systems, online transactions, social media, loyalty programs and call center records, to gain a deeper insight and understanding of customer path-to-purchase preferences, locations and inventory (how much should you stock in-store for faster delivery whether the customer purchased in-store, online or through call center?). Using our solution, retailers would be able to gain insight from in-store shoppers and combine this with online behavior to better understand their customers. We enable you to personalize promotions and offers across customer touch points and channels of interaction there by delivering an unified experience. We enable you understand your customer needs and deliver personalized merchandise that fulfills their needs.