Gain insights into sales, margins and customer experience through data driven analytics. Identify the top bought item and the most lucrative combos and offers for each customer.

Menu Analytics

  • Analyze menu to find the most popular dish.
  • Menu can be analyzed for appearance, layout, complementary items
  • Create discounts for winning combinations
  • Identify non-performing items

Marketing Analytics

  • Customize coupons for repeat customers.
  • Refine discounts to attract new consumers.
  • Understand whether customers are receptive to special offers, and if so, which ones?

Inventory Management/ Operations

  • Optimize inventory planning and replenishment.
  • Test a program/ menu in one location and apply it across location and various levels: optimize operation and resource allocation
  • Estimate how many customers will order a particular menu item and when

Customer Analytics

  • Gauge customer sentiment using social media analytics.
  • Segment customers based on their preference to identify taste segments and offer dishes accordingly.
  • Segment customers based on trip, and determine which customers came for one item, a full meal or a snack.
  • Help hungry diners choose the right dish
  • Identify key influencers, and offer them exclusive preview of new dishes

Restaurant Analytics

  • What’s the potential of a restaurant? Looking at the neighborhood demographics Sherlock can predict this.
  • Combining reviews, feedback and social media data, restaurant managers can effectively evaluate and gauge their service levels and find points for improvement.
  • In your whole chain, find out the top dish for each location, and also the least favored dish.